Workflowy 90/100 Quality - 90 100/100 Value - 100 95/100 Overall - 95


Workflowy's interface is super simple but as powerful as having a whiteboard facing you telling you exactly what you need to do. I wrote a little about my discovery of Workflowy based on a mentor of mine when I was in investment banking on the FTB blog - worth a read in my humble opinion. There's no standard way to do stuff here, but I prefer bulleted lists and will use the social features to share lists with groups (although for group workflow I generally prefer Trello). At work, I'll keep Workflowy open and devote half my screen real estate to it (or if I need the real estate, I'll just have a tab open for it). There's a huge psychological impact to seeing what you need to do all the time - it focuses the mind and creates some much needed discipline I wouldn't have on my own.

Finally, the shortcuts on Workflow are excellent. Command-Enter crosses off and opens back up tasks, for instance. The hotkeys can be brought up in a help menu at your convenience (Shift-Command-?). It's worth putting aside a little time to learn them as you'll find yourself whizzing around in Workflowy the sooner you do. As a matter of principle, the less mouse the better.