Kindle Paperwhite 95/100 Quality - 95 90/100 Value - 90 92/100 Overall - 92


Read more books and less news is advice that has served me incredibly well in my twenties. The Paperwhite I largely attribute to helping me follow this mantra; unlike the iPad or Fire, the Paperwhite is fairly bare bones and you'd never use it for browsing the web. You can buy books and read books; for me, that's all I really want out of it. It prevents me from messing around when I should be reading. When you finish a book, you get a bunch of related recos that are usually on point in typical AMZN style. 

The Paperwhite is incredibly easy to sync once you've entered in WiFi credentials, so you can go from buying a book on your phone to reading a book on your Kindle in < 3 minutes. With Amazon's one click purchases, I've had the nice experience of a work friend or buddy recommending a book, buying it immediately and finishing it within the week. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the display is A+ and in the dark you don't get that annoying blue light thing you get with laptops / phones where you feel all buzzed and can't fall asleep. It's great for planes and the battery life is a solid week or more (and you get adequate forewarning before it shuts out on you). 

More generally, I like that your Amazon profile easily allows you to see what you've highlighted and track past purchases (perhaps B&N and Apple can claim this same victory, but I just really like the Amazon site). I always feel like my reading history is important in part because of Amazon.