JackThreads 87/100 Quality - 87 70/100 Value - 70 78/100 Overall - 78


JackThreads is on point with a lot of what they do and we hope you can recognize the value of such a hub of information. We like Jackthreads for a few reasons:

  • Great Window Shopping: We've shopped here and liked it, but before even that, it's a great place to stay up on fashion and get a sense of what's out there. It's super easy to peruse categories on their mobile site and get an idea of all the variety the market offers to you. You may like a certain style watch and then be able to find it elsewhere. 
  • Always Have Sales: If you do decide to shop, there are always sales and discounts on seasonal goods meaning things that would make sense to by at that time. 
  • Customer Service: It can be difficult to trust buying clothes off the internet. JT makes sure to treat customers right. I've called them up multiple times and they're the nicest customer service people you'll ever speak with. They listen and understand. I've held onto a pair of dress pants that didn't fit for months (becuase I moved), called them up and asked for an exchange. They said no worries, they reccomend going two sizes higher for that exact pant. I took their advice. Turns out they still didn't fit, called them again and got a full refund! You don't see that everywhere these days, but companies that want to grow (and are probably growing) know how to treat their customers right. 
  • Quality: This is the one area where I would lay slight skepticism. They're throwing a lot of deals out there and some things i've purchased weren't of the highest quality. WIth that said, you often get what you pay for. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. However, remember the last point we made. If you don't end up liking it, just return it...