Heinz Sriracha Ketchup 85/100 Quality - 85 96/100 Value - 96 90/100 Overall - 90


I was on a classic boys trip this summer down the California Coast to camp in Big Sur when something larger than myself guided me towards euphoria. We were in the midst of a typical super market run to pick up all the food and booze necessary to compliment a spectacular back drop. I was put in charge of hotdogs. So I picked up hot dogs, then buns and then headed over to find the condiments aisle (condiments...what a funny word).  Without giving it any thought, my mind and body lead me to grabbing what looked like standard ketchup, yet slightly different label. I read the label and jumped for joy! The boys couldn't wait to light up the dogs on the fire and give it a shot. And Heinz DELIVERED!!

If you're a regular human these days, you love hot sauces and especially sriracha. If you're not a weird human, you also love ketchup on many things you eat. Well boys, it's finally here- the perfect condiment that infuses the two in one efficient bottle!

Instead of condiment, I'm going to call Heinz Sriracha Ketchup the perfect "compliment" to all the foods you choose to put ketchup and/or sriracha on. Check it out boys, you won't be dissapointed.