FitBit Flex 85/100 Quality - 85 70/100 Value - 70 77/100 Overall - 77


Tech meets fitness at it's finest. You probably know FitBit. And either already have one or have made your decision not to buy one. Here's our pitch as to why it's a worthy $99 investment in your health. You, like many of us, believe you don't need something to tell you that you excercise. You can certainly be fit without one. However, science don't lie. It shows you facts. There's no cheating. What we love about it: There's no question that humans are inately competetive. I've worked a lot in sales and if any of you have ever seen a sales floor, you'll see rankings and stats of the sales force and how they stack up against each other. FitBit pushes you to be healthy and enter into a positive cycle of obsession and competition, whether that's with yourself or your friends. Sometimes it takes more than just yourself...do it for you, and your boys.

We suggest the Flex $99 option as it's a reasonable price, not too fancy or over the top. Modest look and has enough integrated technology to make it worth your money. They've developed a whole portfolio of options though that could also be worth checking out, we just haven't ourselves yet.