Chase Sapphire Preferred 100/100 Quality - 100 100/100 Value - 100 100/100 Overall - 100


Aside from the large signing bonus of 40k points (spend $3K in 3 months - easy), you earn double points on travel & dining, and one point on all purchases. While you front roughly $100 a year for membership, the rewards are worth it. Chase from my experience translates to 5 or so free flights a year, and the travel platform allows you to pay with proportionate points / dollars (notably, a lot of airlines don't give you this functionality).

Also, it sounds stupid, but the weight of this card separates itself from the rest.  It's made of magic material or something. You hand people this card and they look up at you to make sure you're not someone they should recognize.

Finally, Chase has strong customer service. Our good friend has lost his card multiple times right before leaving to go abroad. He's called them up and they've overnighted him a new card - no questions asked, no fees. When you travel there are no stupid ridiculous "transaction fees". I've had my credit limit upped x1.5 simply upon request.