What are we doing?

Being a dude in your 20s is confusing and expensive. Advice comes from every corner on what opportunities to pursue and how to manage our careers. News sites we've come to rely on are littered with ads and click bait. Every time we travel, we spend a couple hundred bucks on flights, taxis, beer and hotels. Ironically, our travel time is usually our vacation time, so the meager salary we make in our entry level jobs gets eaten up pronto.

We wanted a website to bookmark the articles, books and deals we actually found interesting, useful and affordable, so we created FTB. Everything on this site has been hand-selected by us or an FTB reader. Most importantly, none of this costs you a dime. This is a site by the boys, for the boys.

This site is small and simple. You can subscribe to our daily Friday email. You can view product recommendations. Or you can look at our blog.

Doing it for the boys,


P.S. Read a good book or article that you want to include in our Friday email? Have a product you want to recommend? Let us know.